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Book Review: Dream With Your Eyes Open by Ronnie Screwvala

He lays there sprawled on a fluffy,blue rug, staring up at me. The rug looks elegant, gently hugging the expensive looking wooden floor. His head is rested on a red cushion, his hand casually tucked under his head. A cup of tea or coffee, I can’t tell, is aligned with his armpit. He’s wearing a grey tshirt and his legs are crossed. He prods me to ‘Dream With Your Eyes Open’. That’s Ronnie Screwvala on the cover of his book. The back of the book has the who’s who of the industry praising his book and what it will mean for the next gen entrepreneurs.

The book has 13 chapters. And the last few pages are questions he answers. The few things that I did get from the book were:

  1. Your talent and your team when adequately motivated and committed, will be great assets
  2. That failure is a part of the game
  3. That every business idea doesn’t have to work. But some can, you never know till you’ve tried.
  4. That sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.

However, as a reviewer, the book falls short in many, many aspects. And this is my issue with it. The book seems like no editor gave it too much time, passing it on as it were because the person behind the name was big. I would like to list where this book falters for the reader:

  1. No build up on the storyline. I do understand that this is a book about business. But that doesn’t not mean that you throw in random chunks of information with half-baked storylines from your life. Because of this, the narrative seems tiresome and doesn’t engage the reader.
  2. A very high opinion of oneself. It’s a book written by Ronnie Screwvala and he’s a legend in many,many ways. But a book cannot be an exercise in self-praise. Several times the author subtly pats himself on the back for taking decisions that he believes are smart. By the fifth time, the reader gets wary of this.
  3. Superficial. Ronnie Screwvala is a big name in the industry and he’s sure to have had his set of failures. However, the entire prose of the book is angled to suit him. At no point does he get low or worry enough, he has the super human ability to fall and almost immediately dust his pants off and get going again. This makes him as the writer an unrelatable character.


 I think you would be better off reading a lot of the other books available on entrepreneurship in the market. Connect the Dots by Rashmi Bansal fares much better in the same category, if the aim is to inspire.

Publisher: Rupa

The wallet is lighter by: Rs. 500

Destress Quotient: 1.5 AAHs

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