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5 secrets to bagging your dream job

I love changing jobs. In the 8 years that I was working, I changed atleast 6 jobs. Which, and recruiters love telling you this, is very bad. But it’s due to this job changing hobby that I have cracked some secrets to getting the jobs I want. Obviously I thought I wanted some jobs but later realized I didn’t and then quit. Point being, you can totally get that job you want. Unless you want be a mom and you are a guy, I can’t help you with that. I am spilling the beans, so stay glued.

1. Let’s CV what we got here

This is basic. Your CV on sites like naukri.com etc should be updated. By updated, I mean it should have all your relevant work experience. But it should also be proof read and free of any mistakes. And please, don’t lie, everyone can see through that.

Secret: Do a quick search on keywords on job sites. You’ll get an idea on how many relevant ads are being posted for that category. Include the most popular words in your CV headline. Two, do go back to the job site and re-update your CV every two days. You don’t have to change anything, just delete a word and rewrite it and save changes. Your CV will appear higher in searches as you will comes across as more active.

2. Now you CV, now you don’t.

CVs should have everything you’ve done in detail. But as you gain more experience, it’s okay to drop that excellent project you did in college about nose hair. But more importantly, realize that you don’t have to have just one CV.

Secret: Have two CVs ready at any point in time. Why two CVs? While both the CVs will list your experience, you can tweak both to apply to varied jobs. For example, say you are a writer but also don’t mind trying your hand at brand marketing. One CV can talk about all your experience as writer and list all the points that talk about copy that worked, it will have you portfolio etc. The second CV will highlight points where in your role as a writer, you helped the brand. While the tweak may only be in language, it can open up many more opportunities for you.

3. Work that Wi Fi

By which I don’t mean log on to Facebook and attempt to make friends with women you don’t know. And also, don’t come online to stalk your ex. The idea is to keep you eyes and ears open.

Secret: Become part of groups on social networks that are relevant. For example, there is a group on Facebook called Media Jobs Daily that has people looking for all kinds of people at all levels, become part of this. Also, start following companies you aspire to join on Linkedin so when they write about any openings, you will know.

4. Own it.

Look there’s a lot of work happening around the world and in the industry. And with the internet, it’s not impossible to know what’s working and what’s not. To stay relevant, you’ll have to know what newer avenues are opening up so you can know if that’s an option for you.

Secret: The best source of information are industry magazines and their websites. For example, if you want to pursue advertising in Indian and don’t know what agencyfaqs is, make it your job to know. You should also know the top companies in your field. Another thing here, say you want to become a copywriter. You have to know that digital is coming up in a big way and maybe you want to be a digital copywriter aka content writer. For you to know that, you have to be relevant and read up.

5. Touch down

To be relevant and updated, you will need some access to industry insiders. And if you aren’t working, it can be real difficult getting in touch with people. But don’t worry, you have some help, you just don’t know it.

Secret: Your juniors, classmates and seniors are the best people to be privy to the news in your world. Be social in college and keep in touch with people. Even if they can’t directly help you, they can still put you in touch with people who can. Please don’t attack people with a high dose of friendliness, it works if you are nice.

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