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5 things you will find in every girl’s handbag

There are many lists about beauty products that women must have in their bags, about the things they need before they leave the house etc. etc. But don’t you believe that that’s all we step out of the house with. Let me put it this way, a woman’s purse is a blackhole. Something like in Interstellar but if Mathew McConaughey were to enter a woman’s bag he would be rummaging through pens, some makeup item, maybe even a deodorant. And that’s not going to confuse anyone. But here are a few things that you don’t know about that you will find in almost every woman’s bag.

1. Period Drama

We women are on super alert around the time our periods are going to make an appearance. Invariably, a woman will be carrying something for the period drama. It could be napkins, or tampons or whatever they fancy but it’s likely that it’s in there. And if ads are to be believed, men love sniffing our ass, so we get extra worried around this time of the month.

2. Random Bill

It doesn’t start out as a random bill. It’s a bill we take and stuff into the purse hoping we will calculate our shopping expenses later. Or the bill will be saved for the time when you want to hold the store to its warranty. Or the bill is saved because to ensure your bank is charging you the correct amount of your card. No one has ever gotten around to adding up any bill. So the purse becomes the dumping ground for all things that women believe we could use in the future or that make them feel like a responsible adult.

3. Coins

While some women will go the whole hog and pull out their wallet to carefully place their coins in it, there’s a bunch of us who would rather just toss them into our bags. Many centuries later while haggling with a rickshaw-wallah, these coins come most handy for the one rupee they won’t let go of. Of course, that’s subject to us being able to locate them.

4. A comb or a clip

Hair can be quite the bitch for us ladies. To avoid looking like gollywogs, we usually throw in a pin or clip. The clip is usually hung on to the straps of the bag where it promptly makes the decision to disappear. If we are going to be out for long, the comb must be carried along.

5. Something we swear we put in there

The go –to thing to do when you can’t find something is to turn the purse upside down and rummage through everything. And every time we can’t find something, we swear we put it in the purse. We are so sure, we pull out everything, discover half-eaten gum wrapped in paper, someone’s business card from the previous job (that I bet you’ve used atleast once to clean your nails) and everything. Everything except what we started looking for.

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