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Store Review: Spa Ceylon

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Why would you review a store? Well because there is a lot more to the store than just it’s physical location and the products stacked everywhere. It’s an experience for the consumer. So, what should you expect besides cute salesmen (Zara does this right) and a functioning system for billing? Oh, lots more. Take a look at how Spa Ceylon measures up.

The Area

Spa Ceylon has been careful with its choice of locations. Each location is in a premium area – its outlet in Bandra is right at the beginning of Linking Road and the one in R City is an area that receives a lot of footfall thanks it being opposite a popular eatery. The area is important for visibility. I also strongly believe it lends it an air of credibility. Spa Ceylon gets it right on this front.

The Space

Spa Ceylon -1

Spa Ceylon outlets are spacious and each area is marked clearly. The centre of the outlet features islands that hold soaps, gift boxes and a pretty display of its products. There are elements that scream spa environment thrown in for good measure. The Bandra outlet has a huge tub filled with flowers in the middle. Each station is marked according to its function- there is purify, balance, gifting etc. There is also a consultation area in the Bandra outlet that I did not see in the R City outlet. Each area has 4 shelves but the top most one is unusually hard to reach so unless you got your stilts along, you are better off just trying the products on the lower shelves.

Spa Ceylon-2

The Experience

I truly believe that you don’t just visit a store, you experience it. And the experience is a mix of the visual appeal, the aromas and sound. Of course, there’s the products themselves but that’s an experience I intend to discuss later. When you enter a Spa Ceylon outlet, the store manager, dressed in a typical Sri Lankan dress greets you. You are then asked about your skin and hair type. At Spa Ceylon, they recommend products according to your pitha – vata, pitha and kapha. And there’s also the Tridosha products that work with all hair and skin types. You may be recommended products according to your problem or products that you can pamper yourself with. The manager then takes you around the store giving you a touch and feel of the various products. The stores also stock music therapy cds which are played in their stores. The entire store is dimly lit making you feel like you are buying products that are going to make you feel like a queen or someone just as royal. The store smells of lemongrass which immediately evokes a feeling of being relaxed. Even their imagery of women scantily dressed but rather generously adorned with gold makes you think you are being let in on the secret world of pampering.

Even their shopping bag is made out of natural products. Overall, this store certainly makes you feel like you are in for a treat, a rather indulgent one at that.

Unless you are short, then only the first shelf products are available to you.

This is a sponsored post. Pictures taken from brand’s facebook page. 

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