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How The Mumbai Rains Pan Out For All of Us

Scene 1

Wake up to the pitter patter of raindrops, the trees looking perfectly drenched and the smell of wet earth. Also, chiffon sarees come to your mind fleetingly.

Thoughts: Yay. I want to sleep a little more.

Action: Crawl back into blanket, hit snooze button several hundred times.

Scene 2

It’s still raining. The towel is still wet from yesterday’s shower. It’s time to try and get to work

Thoughts: Wow, a little too much rain no?

Action: Several shots clicked for Instagram

Scene 3

It’s still raining. Most rain-appropriate gear has been worn. Wellington boots, pants hitched up to knee. Scuba diving gear has been procured for times of emergency. Time to head to breakfast table.

Thoughts: I am going to be so late. But look at the rains! Could it be a holiday?

Action: Stuff breakfast into mouth while reading tweets and unfunny Whatsapp forwards. All this while discussing with family how work will be reached.

Scene 4

It’s still raining. Rickshaw is taken to station. Rickshaws unavailable, umbrella doing a nifty job of keeping only one inch of you dry. Fight with rickshawwala, get to station.

Thoughts: This rain is annoying me now. *obligatory abuse hurled at BMC*

Action: Struggle with umbrella closing while trying to get into rick. Struggle with opening umbrella while trying to get out of rick. Poke people with umbrella by mistake. Look angrily at other person at station whose umbrella is happily dripping water on your shoulder.

Scene 5

It’s still raining. Station is too full, tracks are water logged. No trains are to be seen. Conversation about trains with random strangers expressing frustration ensues.

Thoughts: What is this crap, man? I’ll call my boss. I am going to say I am working from home.

Action: Retrieve phone from many layers of clothing. Make call to boss who is also stuck somewhere. Boss says he will call you back after confirming with HR/ super boss. He doesn’t call. You call back. It’s confirmed, you’re working from home

Scene 6

It’s still raining. You are back at home, happy you don’t have to be out there. TV is switched on to see what the news has to say about the rains.

Thoughts: I’ll atleast check my email.

Action: Reach out for laptop. Get distracted by chai. Grab chai, reach out for laptop. Switch it on, log on to Twitter. Tweet. Forget about emails.

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