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4 manicure trends you want on your nails

Let’s consider this for a moment. You use your hands to eat, to hold anything at all, to make uncool ‘v’ signs when taking and picture and to clean your bottom. With them being such multi-taskers, it’s crime to be doing them up in unflattering shades or have chipping nail polish on them. So head to the salon, cut, file, polish and clean them. After that, I give you four nail polish trends that are a rage right now that you can show your manicurist and ask him/her to replicate.

The Reverse manicure

It’s gorgeous and everyone who’s anyone is flaunting it. A reverse manicure is like a French manicure but done with other way. Which means the area where the nail and cuticle meet is where a contrasting colour is applied and then the entire nail is coated with another colour. You can make triangle at the base, a swish, anything at all. You can even use glitter there. It’s awesome. Have a look.

Reverse Collage

The Ombre manicure

Ombre is what a gradient looks like. And on nails, it looks fabulous. You can cherry pick your colours and custom make the ombre effect for your nails. This can be slightly tricky so ensure you are going with a talented nail technician when trying out this one. You can even add in some glitter for that added pop. Or you could do a different hue of the same colour on different nails (check out the blue picture) Again, this one’s tricky, so go to someone who knows what they are doing. Here are pictures!

Ombre Collage

The Nautical manicure

You know how everyone is walking around sporting nautical tops? Well, that cool design is a rage everywhere including nails. You can jazz it up by adding elements from the sea, like an anchor or I don’t know, a pirate sign. Whatever rocks your boat. There will be a lot of blue and white here, but it’s called a nautical mani, so let’s be a little realistic please.

Nautical Collage

The Floral Manicure

So everyone is wearing something floral. And how can you not have it on your nails? You can have little bit on every nail, or just two nails contrasted with solids on the others. I am not a fan of having flowers on each, it can look a little like a bouquet threw up on you if not done right.

Floral Collage

If you don’t want anything fancy, just take two shades along to the salon. Use a different colour on your ring finger and let the others be the same.

Disclaimer: All pictures have been taken from Pinterest. 

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