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Hair Service Review: Juice Salon, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

When you go a brand like Juice, you expect the service to be fresh and chilled. Preferably with two cubes of ice. Served in a tall glass. I guess this salon had glass everywhere so that’s a tick. This also caused people walking around to peep in and watch you as your hair sits matted on your scalp.

Juice , the brand of salons, has been around the while. They used to have a bright yellow and blue logo which they have dumped for a sleek black and white look. Phoenix Market City Kurla has a Juice outlet and I made my way to this place for a hair spa session.

The Space


The salon has a fun look to it. The ceiling has yellow bulbs sprouting from it. The backdrop to the reception has TiGi products which have fabulous colours and the nail service area features bright blues and oranges. The salon chairs are transparent so if you are wearing butt-crack revealing jeans, you should hitch them up. The place has nice touches of vintage like an island in mint green in the middle that serves as I am not entirely sure what. The walls have squiggly lines which got me unnaturally excited and I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom. No! That did not happen.

The Service

Since I have had a haircut recently, I thought I would try out their hair spa. I had called the salon for an appoinment at 4 but ended up reaching there only at 5. They had my details but didn’t call to check up on me. I spoke to Deepika on the phone. When I got there, the person who they were hoping would work on me (I heard the name Sunil) was busy with another client so I was handed over to Tanvi. There were about 3 hair stylists I could spot in the salon. There was a girl who looked like a freelance nail artist because I spotted her walking around casually, occasionally stopping to apply polish to people.

The Experience


Back to my treatment. Skinny and rather serious Tanvi didn’t seem very happy that she would have to do a hair spa treatment and smiled tightly at me. I was made to sit down on a transparent chair and she asked me what I wanted to do. ‘Hair Spa’, I said. She said I should try the Force Vector and explained how it would treat my hair well. They sold me the Force Vector series at another salon sometime ago and it made my hair leave my scalp in an utmost hurry so I said I just wanted a hair spa. Feeling dejected, Tanvi took me to the hair wash area. Here, she also put a towel on my legs because I had decided to wear a skirt and would inappropriately expose myself to another client. She then washed my hair with a Tigi product. At this point, she told me that TiGi products were better than L’Oreal products. She may have forgotten that she was trying to sell me a L’Oreal Force Vector treatment mere minutes ago. Hair shampooed, I was herded back to my chair. She then started to apply the L’Oreal Hair Spa product to my hair. There were so many contradictions, it was driving me a little nuts. A half-hearted massage that lasted about 15 minutes was quickly done with and my head was tucked into a sphere where it was steamed. Of course, once my hair was shampooed, Tanvi did mention that my haircut sucked and I should allow her to fix it. I stubbornly refused. She also mentioned the ongoing offer twice during my hairwash. Such a buzzkill. Salons should stop doing this.

Once steamed, I was lead again to the washing area where my hair was given a rinse and a blow dry later, I emerged look pretty much the same but smelling like a salon. Some serum was put into my hair but it didn’t make a marked difference. Oddly, the products on the counter all said ‘Floor Use’. Made it sound like something they use as floor cleaners when we aren’t looking. It was when I was handed my bill that I discovered that Tanvi’s actual name is Thanmi and I heard it wrong. Maybe that’s the reason for the grumpiness.

In A Snip

Salon: Juice, Phoenix Market City, Kurla (They have several outlets across the city)

Service availed: Hair Spa

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.823 (It cost Rs.1050 but they have an offer for a 25% discount, so it worked out cheaper. By the way, the offer is for all services till the end of May. Rush! Or not.)

Destress Quotient: 1.5 AAHs ( ? ). Dear salons, please make sure your people look like they give a damn about the service they are giving the client. And please, stop upselling us!

Get in touch: F 52, First Floor, Phoenix Market City Mall, Lbs Marg, Kurla West. Call- 022 6180 1297

Brands used: L’Oreal Proffesionnel and Tigi products

Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean

Recommended stylist: None. 

Floor use? Juice4

Disclaimer: Damsel in Destress reviews salons and spas anonymously and pays for its own services unless specified otherwise.  


  1. Hahaha! Omg! Okay, that floor use thing is hilarous! I totally agree with you that the salon stylists should be friendly. Otherwise its an awkward, you’re fingers and in my hair and I’m afraid you’re going to pull a lot of it out because you hate me situation.


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  3. Mebin says

    I have faced the same in a Loreal salon too, trying to include a service which we don’t want…insisting again wen we clearly said a no. It’s a bad feeling which stopped me from going back


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