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6 weight loss myths debunked

Some people stop rice. Some stop cold water. Some stop being logical. The process to losing weight comes with its own challenges. What is not required is random information that isn’t true at all and makes everyone constantly question their choices. I met Mary Benny Joseph from VLCC India during a bloggers meet and asked her to debunk the myths surrounding weight loss. And she did a fabulous job. Here’s the truth about the talk making the rounds.

1) You shouldn’t eat rice and rotis together

‘This is absolutely wrong and a myth’, says Mary. You can have both but it’s the quantity that you will have to keep in check. You can balance it out by having a little less of one and little more of the other but having them together is no problem at all.

2) Starting your day with lemon, water and honey

Weight loss stories will have you believe that the warm water+lemon+honey formula in the morning works like magic. You drink this and your weight simply hops off your body and makes for the door. Nope. ‘The idea is to flush out the toxins,’ says Mary. You could drink warm water without the honey or lemon, or even just two glasses of water. It will do the needful.

3) Vegetarian people get protein only from paneer

I believe there are people out there who exist only to eat paneer. Don’t fall for their propaganda. Yes, paneer is a rich source of protein but if you want to lose weight, you should also be consuming copious amounts of milk and milk products. You could add tofu to your meal and even quinoa to up your protein intake.

4) It’s impossible to have 6-7 meals if you are working

It’s not. Obviously, you cannot leave your house with a suitcase for a day at work. Stepping out for roadside grub for one of your meals is perfectly acceptable. Craving a bhel? Get one without the chutneys and the sev – it’s way healthier. Have coconut water. Or tuck into some fresh fruits. Or have roasted chana or carry along sprouts. There’s plenty to choose from.

5) You cannot have cheat meals

Please. I have spent my entire life cheating. From exams to boyfriends, I cheated a little everywhere (Uh oh. TMI).  There’s so much delicious food to be had, sticking to a diet cannot be made out to be a lifelong chore. To make it work, here’s what you need to do, before you have your cheat meal, load up on refreshing liquids. Have some buttermilk or a soup and even some cucumber slices. That way, you’ll be half full (so optimistic) when you are consuming your cheat meal. This could halve the calories you consume.

6) You cannot eat out when trying to lose weight

What? Can’t you hear the pizzas calling out? Or the gentle, soothing call of a cupcake with buttercream icing? I hear it all the time. So what do you do? You go out for that meal anyway. Here’s what you can do to make healthier choices.

At an Indian restaurant:

Order wholewheat rotis without butter

Include kadai veggies vs something with cream in it (malai anything is heavy)

Get a portion of raita or green salad, eat it first

Get tandoori items. Ask for oil and butter on the side if the others want it at all.

At a Chinese restaurant:

Ask for stir fry veggies

Don’t ask for anything that’s tempura or crispy

Ask the restaurant if they have the option of using wholewheat noodles. Most do and will be willing to accommodate you

At an Italian restaurant:

Opt for a wholewheat base

Get a pizza with loads of veggies. No Quattro Formaggi for you!

Take grilled chicken and fish as toppings

Ask for the pasta in a red sauce (Arrabiatta) or ask if they will make the white sauce with wholewheat flour.


Special mention: This post has been created as a part of the promotion of VLCC India’s new slimming technique called Insta-Tone that claims to deliver results in just 90 minutes using the latest in slimming technology. Nutritionists and experts from VLCC will guide you through a program you need but a one off session comes at the price of Rs.4500.


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