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4 hair and makeup lessons Aishwarya’s Cannes appearances taught us

Did you know that Aishwarya has been walking the red carpet at Cannes for 13 years now? Yup, that long. And her hair and makeup has been hit and miss. Sometimes, miss by a very large margin. Sometimes she decided to just chuck good sense and look like something a bottle of olive oil had been overturned on her. But along the way, she taught a few important lessons about getting hair and makeup right. Here’s what we can learn from her.

Whine about the shine.

For a few years in the beginning of her appearances, Aishwarya’s makeup artist overturned quite a few glitters pots. Especially on the eyes, the person went to town so Aishwarya. It reminded me of the times I ended up looking like a Christmas tree at a cousin’s sangeet when we hired an overenthusiastic makeup artist. There was a bit of a yoyo with Aishwarya (no glittery eyes in 2006, back in 2007) before she dumped that look for good and thank god for that.

Lesson: When using shimmer or glitter on the eyelids, be very miserly with how much you use. Don’t forget to dip your brush and tap it lightly on your hand before using it on your eyes.

Making it up

When Katrina walked the red carpet this year, she looked a little golden, by which I mean a little more like caramel popcorn. Which means than tans are in. For her first few appearances, Aishwarya’s makeup was natural with no real pop of colour. 2008 also saw her change her makeup to dewy skin and a warmer tone on her face overall.

Lesson: Use a foundation closest to your skin tone by checking the match on your jaw line rather than on your wrist. Set this in with powder with a warm undertone to avoid looking washed out.

Lips don’t lie

Aishwarya and her makeup artist were partial to nudes and soft lips till 2009. Browns and soft pinks were favourites and they stuck to that philosophy for a while. Then, in 2010, Aishwarya stepped out with bold, red lips that looked stunning against her black gown. And this is a trend that’s back in fashion. Her oxblood lips in 2015 were legendary.

Lesson: Bold lips can look fabulous but they can bleed. Always use strong colours with a lip liner.

 Hairy tales

Aishwarya left her mane to the forces for the longest time. No updos, no elaborate hairstyles, it was easy hair, left loose around the shoulders. Yes, she did sport an updo in 2003 but then till 2007, her hair wasn’t made to do much. In 2008, there was the severe ponytail and in 2009 there was an updo and then she tried all sorts of things for the years after. Thankfully, in 2012, she got her mojo back and her hair was left in loose waves.

Lesson: Severely pulled back hair only suits people with a great jawline. You might end up looking a little like a sumo wrestler otherwise.

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