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Local Banya vs. Big Basket. Where are you shopping from?

We are taking sedentary lifestyles to the next level. And leading this change is online shopping. From panties to portraits, we are buying everything online. And now, websites are even delivering groceries to you. But is it really working out for us? I mean, of course, there is the obvious convenience of ordering from anywhere at anytime and having it delivered home. But the offline stores could have competition to offer. Or not. We compared 3 shopping baskets from different stores – two online and one offline- and here’s what we found.

The websites compared here are bigbasket.com and localbanya.com. The offline stores in question here was Food Bazaar. To keep things equal, the comparison was drawn only on branded produce and products.

Round 1 : Interface


Local Banya wins the interface round with a cleaner, more contemporary look. The website looks fresher. Big Basket might need some sprucing up in this place. Food Bazaar with its shabby look, doesn’t stand a chance.

Round 2: Signing up

Round 2

While both Big Basket and Local Banya require you to sign up before you can make a purchase, Big Basket doesn’t ask you for your mobile number from the get go which earns it brownie points. Of course, they do require you to fill in this information in just the next step. No such details are asked of at Food Bazaar.

Round 3: Value Addition

Round 3

Round 3 is a draw because while Local Banya gives you the option of giving special delivery instructions and choosing bags, Big Basket threw in an extra oats treat which was pretty cool as well. Food Bazaar had no such offers. Bags are charged, you have to carry the load an no extras were thrown in.

Round 4:Below 5oo test

Round 4

Just to check, we made the order go under Rs. 500 to see if it would work. While Local Banya said it needed the order to be Rs. 500 minimum, Big Basket just added a delivery charge of Rs.25 and sent us on our way. If you need the groceries, then Big Basket will give them to you. Food Bazaar, of course, you can walk out with a Rs. 10 item as well.

Round 5: Delivery times

Round 5

The time slots available for both the websites is the same but by showing you upfront your options on the other days to come, it spoils you a little. The same option is available on Big Basket after a click though. Food bazaar doesn’t offer delivery.

Round 6: Payment Options

Round 6

Both the websites offer plenty of options to pay from cash on delivery to cards and net banking. Local Banya offers you a call if you choose Cash on Delivery to confirm the order. Big Basket takes Sodexho coupons. It’s a draw. You know the options with Food Bazaar.

Round 7: Price points

Round 7

With savings offered on every item purchased, Big Basket won this round with a margin. Here’s what we bought.


Big Basket gives you savings of Rs.47.65 on seven items. That could really add up if you shopped for more.

Where do you do your shopping from?

Update: Local Banya is closed, I believe.  Their website says they are renovating but it’s been a while and apparently, at this point, they have shut down. Should I do another comparison? What would you like to see instead? 


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