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The #1 reason your workout isn’t giving you the result you want

You’ve seen Parineeti Chopra’s recent Built That Way (I don’t know why it’s called that. She was clearly not. She obviously worked to look this way) campaign where she’s showing off her fabulous new avatar- the slimmer her. Of course, you’ve also tried all sorts of things to lose weight. Maybe you just need to know what’s going wrong.


The treadmill has taken a severe pounding, your weights have been dusted and are being put to use and you have been carefully looking at what you eat. The scale on the other hand is being rather stubborn and refusing to move. If your workout isn’t giving you the result you want – weight loss or gain- you have probably missed an important factor. Read on to know what’s playing spoilsport with your weight issues and how you can correct it.

To really make your work out work for you, you need to first identify your body type. And this is really easy.  There are three body types – Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph. Of course, most of us are a mix of all these body types with a little bit of each thrown in. But, find out which category you would be broadly classified as.



Since my pictures are anything but self-explanatory, let me tell you what Ectomorphs are. You know those skinny people who never seem to put on weight no matter how much they eat? Super skinny and curve-less in appearance, these people are favourites with the fashion and magazine industry to grace covers of magazines. They are also wonderful for the other body types of feel jealous of.

Issues of an Ectomorph

Frail bone structure

Injure easily

Low muscle mass

High metabolism means they don’t put on weight easily

Women may feel that they look too boyish

Workout for an Ectomorph

Minimal cardio and aerobic activity

Strength training should use include movements that include more than one muscle group

Take care of posture as you injure easily

Top tip: Create a generous calorie overflow to see changes



These are muscular, popular, spectacular and a bachelor people. The last 3 adjectives may or may not be true. Mesomorphs are people who have well-defined bodies with a broad chest and thick limbs. To give you an idea, Hulk would be a Mesomorph.

Issues of a Mesomorph

Poor flexibility

Tend to muscle up easily

Will put on weight if food is not right

Workout for a mesomorph

Cardio activity essential to keep heart in good shape

Use of body weight for resistance works well

Play a sport as you are naturally suited to being aggressive and competitive

Top tip: Cardio should be included liberally in training so you don’t have your muscles build up too much



If you have big hips and a slight belly and put on weight even if you breathe in, you are an endomorph. Soft and curvaceous, endomorphs tend to look like cuddly bears. Which is clearly nowhere near sexy. Most of us tend of fall in this category and losing weight is a struggle when you are this body type. Yup, well, life. Think Beyonce and Parineeti Chopra before her weight loss.

Issues of an endomorph

Low endurance

Tendency to store fat

Slower metabolism

Under-developed muscles

Workout for an Endomorph

Focus on weight training but also include cardio

Minimum rest between sets

Less weights, more reps

Top tip: Eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3 big meals

You can read this in more detail when you type this in any Google search. Please note that this is only for information and is not the view of a medical or fitness expert. Please consult a trained professional to guide you further. 

Images taken from Pinterest

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  1. Helpful indeed! I am already following your tips which you have mentioned in your previous post about weight loss tips, this added more to the basket 🙂


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