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7 ways to make Mondays fun (Okay, maybe not fun, but like bearable)

Everyone loves Fridays. They are like the cool people at a party who have everyone’s attention. Mondays, on the other hand, are like the wallflowers at the party that everyone’s trying to avoid and still feeling bad about. It must suck to be a Monday. But Mondays don’t have to suck. I give you 5 ways to make Mondays much, much more bearable.

1) Work Out

Of course you don’t want to get out of your blanket. Change that! On Mondays, lace up and get active. Go for a run, chase your children around the house, do anything but work out. Working out releases endorphins that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood. For an extra boost of energy, make sure you’ve got your favourite songs on your Ipod.

2) Plan out something special for the week

Wanted to really watch a movie? Schedule it when you get to work on Monday. Or work in a date with a friend. Plan to catch on some reading. Anything that you have been postponing for a while? Schedule it in during the week. When you have something to look forward to, it makes Mondays go by easier.

3) You’ve got delivery

If you have ordered something online and can’t wait for it to arrive, plan for it to arrive on a Monday. Most websites give you the option of scheduling delivery times and you can make it work to your advantage. So headphones, books, makeup whatever it is, get it home on Monday. The excitement of something new should chase away the Monday blues.

4) Easy does it

Don’t get out of bed in a rush. Cuddle, snooze and then get started on your workout! If you feel like you are running against the clock on a Monday, it makes you grumpy and I am not talking about dwarf. Get things in order the previous night and you’ll be better off.

5) Grab some yum grub

If you’ve heard great reviews about their food and it’s on your must-try list, eat out on Monday. Good food puts everyone in a better mood. If it’s lunch, it’s better because a little sunlight (not sunburn) should put the shine right back into your week. Plus, with the weekend done, the food quality is better, the service is nicer and you don’t have to tackle and grievously injure people to get a table.

6) Join the laughter club

Indulge in some hahas on Monday. Once you are at work and have caught up with colleagues and asked about their weekend and compared it to yours, and pretended to check your emails, log on to youtube (use your phone if it’s not allowed) and watch some fun videos. Or read something funny (please no lame whatsapp forwards) . A few laughs are sure to make you feel better. Gain more brownie points by showing it to everyone at the water cooler.

7) Hey good-looking!

Choose your favourite top or shirt and keep it aside for Monday. It could be a flattering cut or a colour but wearing it at the beginning to the week makes the trek to work a little easier. Plus, looking good is sure to get you a few compliments which can never be bad.

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