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Spa Review: Myrah Spa, Juhu

Let’s admit it, we are not a spa going populace. Our idea of de-stressing is to backslap a couple of friends at a bar over a few drinks. So, if you do decide to go to spa, you are most likely to end up running a Google search for the spas closest to you. Then, as you gently click on the price list and palpitate, your stress increases which means by the time you have booked the appointment, you need it quite urgently. If your Google search spas in Mumbai, Myrah is likely to show up on most lists. And I headed to this day spa, on a rather balmy, sunny day. I arrived, sunburnt and shriveled up like a prune.

The Space


Myrah is located in a quiet back lane and is easily missable. Inside, the place is quiet, delicately fragranced with lemongrass ( a smell spas tend to favour). There are several treatment rooms and rooms dedicated to couples’ therapy as well. Each room has a name which is prefixed with ‘aura’. So, there’s ‘Aura Relax’, ‘Aura Rejuvenate’ and ‘Aura Replay’. The last name had be a little befuddled and looking around for a third umpire. As you enter, you are ushered into a lounge which is a beautiful space done up in earthy colours and featuring luxurious sun loungers. Here, you are handed the menu of spa services.

The Service


When I called for an appointment, I asked only for a massage but said I would choose which one once I came in. I also inquired about the time I should be in for a 2pm appointment and the lady said I should be there by 2. Funny, considering most spas ask you to be in 15 minutes prior to the appointment. I am offered a cool, refreshing drink and water. Shaheen, the spa manager, came in to ask me about whether I was looking for a massage that was intense or relaxed. I went with intense on shoulders and lower back and relaxed for the rest of the body. The menu specifies services and the lifestyle they are suitable for but Shaheen was quite dismissive about that. I chose to go with the Balinese massage. A few minutes later, my therapist – Healy? Heely? Heeli? came in and guided me to my room. Oh, they also offer you a choice of music and I went with instrumental without chirping birds. (Yup, lots of spas have music that has chirping birds)

The experience

A Balinese massage has a lot of long strokes and the skin is kneaded to work out the knots. First, I was asked to change into disposable panties and a robe. My therapist then washed my feet. I was then asked to lie face down on the table. While Healy (heely? Heeli?..Ill stick to Healy, because, see the pun in that? She was my therapist, she was going to heal me..) has the techniques down pat, I didn’t completely enjoy the massage as she wasn’t intuitive. Most therapists will feel a particularly tight muscle area and work out the chinks with one stroke. However, if the area seems wound up, they will change up the strokes to iron out the tightness. She did not do this. Also, most therapists tend to mirror what they do on one side on the other. I find it odd when they don’t and she didn’t. Overall, she knew the method but not the magic. A shower and hot, delicious concoction in the lounge later and I was done.

Express mode 

Spa: Myrah Spa, Juhu

Service availed: A Balinese massage for 55 minutes

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.3090 inclusive of taxes (Rs.2750 for a massage plus taxes) 

Get in touch: 098200 40002 (Yes, it’s a mobile number, if that’s odd, well..*shrugs*)

Brands used: Wasn’t informed, I was told they were from France and Spain. I was offered a special rose cream massage but that would add Rs.1000 to my total.

Hygiene of spa and professional: Excellent

Destress Quotient: 2 aahs (0.5 added because of the wonderful touch of branding their accessories)

PS: Myrah is frequented by celebrities and their guest book is full of comments from them. They seem to have favourable reviews everywhere but it just didn’t add up for me.


  1. Dear Damsel , Read your review and would love to understand why you were not pleased with your Experience … At Myrah we like to understand our guests lifestyle & preference and suggest the right massage . We have very trained & qualified therapist and try our best to live up to all Guest expectation … We would love to invite you and would recommend our Asian Blend massage if you like a deep tissue or our Signature Massage if you would like the ultimate pampering experience …

    Nisha Javeri


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