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Move over manicure -3 Must-Have Nail Products (requires being nice to relatives from abroad)

There was a time when a cousin coming over from the US or Dubai meant orders of copious amounts of Tang bottles and the like. You went to pick them at the airport, chatted with them for a bit till you finally understood their accent and rummaged shamelessly through their bags for your gifts (which they found offensive, by the way) Now, almost everything is available in India and all we really want from the cousins usually is that they leave and allow us to waste time sprawled on the sofa.

You might want to rethink that though. I have found three products that you absolutely must have. If you the thought of a manicure and perfectly polished nails gets you excited, these products will rock your world.

Sephora Instant Nail and Cuticle Care   


Sometimes, Halloween gets over but you decide to keep your ugly nails forever. Because you are too lazy to make it to the salon or too short on time, or both. The Sephora Instant Nail and Cuticle Care is what you will need in such dire situations. This product requires you to dip in your fingers for a few seconds (it has a sponge inside), pull them out and voila, the fingers look moisturized, your cuticles look clean and nails look healthy again. Don’t scare anyone with those nails again!

At Dhs.62 a pop (when I bought it), this product maybe pricey but it certainly delivers on its promise.

Mikyajy Matte Top Coat


Matte is in, as established, by well, everyone and anyone who knows trends. And if this product is anything to do by, you can get all your nail polishes to look matte. If you just whooped for joy, clearly you enjoy your nails looking super sexy. This product requires you to put your regular nail polish, and then top it off with a coat of this. I did this and in less than a minute, my glossy talons sported a matte finish. Rarely has any other nail product made me this happy.

At Dhs. 35 a pop, it’s a steal and can you really put a price on a product that is everything you dreamed of? (#dramaqueen)

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa- 60 Second Manicure


Do your hands feel like sandpaper? Do you not have any friends because of this? They heard you. The True Blue Spa range at Bath and Body works has this delicious smelling scrub that makes your hands go from grubby to gorgeous in a minute. This product has been around  while and there are plenty of hand scrubs around but this one will make you swoon with its performance. You take a generous blob, rub it around good in your hands and 60 seconds later, you wash it off. Then you stare at your hands for a very long time. Yup, it’s that good.

At Dhs. 50 a pop (when I bought it), it’s worth its weight in gold and then some.

To round up

You can buy these products from the US but right now Mikyajy is only available in the Middle East. The others you can pester friends and family from other parts of the world.

You are going to wonder how you survived without these.

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