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Nail Service Review: Jean Claude Biguine, R City

From the country that brings you romance, wines and all desserts that are difficult to pronounce but definitely fattening, comes Jean Claude Biguine, Paris. As with all things French, none of the staff here will speak to you in English and will certainly avoid you unless are wearing a beret. Okay, this may not be exactly true. In fact, this is completely untrue.

I have been a patron of the salon for a while now. The hunt for a salon that does nails well brought me here. Yes, they are pricey but their pedicures are legendary.  Anyway, my role as a maid of honour had me bringing the bride here for her nail services.

Talon Salon

JCB Nails

Located in Phase 2 of R City, this salon is brightly lit and difficult to miss. Done up entirely in shades of black and white, the place looks classy and all business. The nail section has two pedicure stations but for the fancier nail services (read gel and acrylic extensions, art etc.) a corner has recently created. A little cramped and hastily place, the station is tiny. But let that not lead you to any conclusions about the service they offer.

Cuticle care

JCB Nails 2

The lady doing the nails at the Biguine station does a thorough and fabulous job. The nails are of just the right length (the bride requested shorter extensions having never worn them before), not too thick (!) and cleaned up properly. The nail station is clean and the products they use are from well-known and high end brands like Nubar.

In a jiffy

Salon: Jean Claude Biguine, R City, Ghatkopar West (They have 10 other outlets in Mumbai)

Service availed: Acrylic Nail Extensions

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.2500 plus taxes (approx 3100. They have a service charge)

Get in touch: 022 2517 1700

Brands used: Premium

Hygiene of salon and professional: Excellent (Notice the technician wearing a mask while doing the nails? All nail techs are supposed to do that.)

Destress Quotient: 4 aahs

!: If you are ever getting extensions – acrylic or gel- if they are too thick and unwieldy, the salon has got it wrong. Don’t go there again!

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